Coronavirus Statement

In response to some of the challenges we are facing due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have introduced a number of new measures to protect our staff and customers.


The impact of the current health crisis leading to School closures means that normal service has been ceased until such a time that the Government deems it safe to re-open the Schools. 


We would like to reassure all our previous customers that you can still order digital images online, which will automatically be transferred to you within 7 working days.


We hope all our customers, Schools and friends stay safe - Don't forget to wash you hands.

When schools resume, our current plans/actions will be;

  1. To quickly work around school closures and offer alternative dates, if currently booked dates become affected by the closures.

  2. To continue to adhere to strict personal and professional hygiene and infection control guidance, including careful hand hygiene (soap & water and alcohol based hand sanitiser) 

  3. Maintaining no physical contact with any pupils/staff

  4. Maintaining safe distancing. ~min of 2m from all pupils/staff

New adaptions to prevent any transmission will include:


  1. Offer online orders only, no return to school orders,  so staff (and ourselves) are no longer required to handle any paperwork or monies.

  2. Newly purchased clear screens to provide a protective barrier and limit contact

Hopefully, it also goes without saying that we would never attend a school should our staff/family members exhibit any signs of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 symptoms.

I hope these measures reassure you of our commitment. However, should you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Coronavirus statement ©Copyright of Spencer Brown Photography Ltd - 16th March 2020


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