Suffolk Based Family-Owned Business

We are a small independent family run company started in 2004. We are based in the picturesque County of Suffolk. The Director has over 25 years experience as a professional Portrait, Commercial and School photographer.


DAY JOB - We all have to work, but when it’s doing something you enjoy, what more can I say except we are very lucky. Spencer is a little bossy (according to Sarah), but that’s because perfection (according to Spencer) takes a lot of management.

BONUS - We even get paid a bonus, which is in the form of every child's happy face when reciting for us the words 'Cheese' or 'Smelly Socks'

Capturing their school days for future reflection is a wonderful thing!

WORKING WITH CHILDREN - What’s not to like working with the children, we get to look at smiling faces all day. Even the shy children are carefully encouraged, so we can capture their natural selves.

When the environment is relaxed the children will enjoy their moment of fame in front of the lens.

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS - When you each have a camera, any holiday becomes a competition to see who can take the best shot. Of course, Sarah always wins (according to Sarah).  A new location always offers great photography opportunities, which we never like to miss.

Green Lab - Mini Lab 

Spencer Brown Photography Ltd uses only Dry lab equipment. We have invested in new technology to move away from traditional chemical dominated labs. The new dry labs are more efficient, environmentally friendly and more cost effective.